Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another English Blog is Born...

I've been teaching English overseas for the past six years.  It's taken me across three different continents, and has put me in contact with learners of all ages.  During this time I've collected some stories that illustrate misunderstandings in English learning due to cultural differences, nuances, or colloquial expressions.  Teaching has also made me realize just how crazy the English language really is. 

When I started teaching a long time ago, the first lesson I taught - prepackaged by the academy - was on gerunds.  As I looked at the lesson I thought to myself, 'What the f$#k is a gerund?'  Finally it dawned on me!  Not what gerunds are but something else.  Before I could teach English I was going to have to learn it all over again. Damn!

Years later I can confidently say that my knowledge of the English language has gone from Crap to Slightly Less Than Crap.  I am by no means a grammarian, and have sometimes embraced the improper English vernacular in the places I've lived.  That being said, I've started this blog since I'm in between gigs - ESL lingo for unemployed - and have been reminiscing a lot about my experiences.  I'm going to try and make it a little more interactive by placing various polls throughout the blog.  Here's the first. 

How Well Do U English?
Slightly Less Than Crap0%

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